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Nicole Hunter

Maskcara Artist #5770



  • “I ordered Maskcara Beauty from Nicole Hunter and I was so impressed with how she was able to color match me so perfectly from a photo! Once my makeup came in, Nicole did a makeover on me, and while she was applying my makeup she showed me exactly how and where the highlight and contour should go.  Nicole is very good at what she does!”

    Susan Erickson – Martensville, SK.

  • “I have never used foundation. I just didn’t like how it felt on my face. Nicole assured me that Maskcara was different. She did a colour match and showed me how to use the product. Who knew that applying Maskcara foundation and contour would be so easy and feel so good. I’m definitely very pleased with the results. I also have the blush and eye shadow. Love them!”

    Cindi Akre – Martensville, SK.

  • “I was colour matched by Nicole in October and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had followed her account and few others who used Maskcara and was intrigued on how they could get their make up done in less than 15 minutes and look completely pulled together. When my make up arrived I was eager to try it. The creamy formula completely blended into my skin, the redness that I was experiencing around my chin and nose was gone and it felt like I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all! Nicole got the colour match down perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. I eventually bought the Restore Spray and would definitely recommend Maskcara to anyone. Not to mention how nice the packaging is and how I can just throw the case and brush in my travel bag and a few other essentials and then I’m ready to go. ”

    Jill Rafoss – Outlook, SK.